Delforus Project by Flaub


Wednesday – 20:00-21:00 (CET) – Every 4 weeks


“Don’t fall asleep. Not for any reason should you fall asleep on this rock. Just relax. Let the internal dialogue die out. Don’t let your self-importance run rampant,” he said. “You’re not special by any standards. None of us are.”

“There is the mystery. It’s a mystery of awareness and it can’t be solved rationally by talking about it. The mystery can only be witnessed. Today, you are going to assemble another world by yourself and leave all doubts aside forever.”

“The only force that can temporarily cancel out alignment is alignment,” he continued. “You will have to cancel the alignment that keeps you perceiving the world of daily affairs. By in lending yourself to a new position for your assemblage point and by intending to keep it fixed there long enough, you will assemble another world and escape this one.”

“What will happen if I succeed in aligning another world?” I asked. “You will go to it,” he replied.