Fambula Sessions

Tuesday – 16:00-18:00 GMT – Every 4 weeks


DJ Sean Ross (aka HUSH DJ) – Established a long running club night in London at the age of 18 and has since created club nights and live music events in countries around the globe. Sean plays a wide ranging scope of musical styles and genres (house, funk, electronic, hip hop, afrobeat, jazz,disco….) from around the world.

Originally specialising in funky/classic house music on the vinyl format at his House4Rent and Hush parties that were held in London over 14 years. This lead to traveling and playing at clubs, events, parties that and festivals in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the US, After moving into promoting live music and hosting events in London he set up the Rift Valley Festival in Kenya, which ran for five years and grew to be the biggest music and cultural event in East Africa. Working with artists and Dj’s from around Africa and the globe, this period molded what is now a completely global taste in musical styles and cultural flavours delivered alongside contemporary artists making new music today, it’s a mixed bag! Expect anything and everything with the sound knowledge it will be proper music!