The microminimal takeover


Tuesday – 16:00-18:00 (GMT/CET) – Every 2 weeks


Following the success of the debut episode of Minimal with Meaney, Threads* Resident Meaney has decided to expand his radio show and bring his friends along. Microminimal is committed to fostering musical collaboration worldwide, to allowing artists to retain creative control over their work, and to helping share the world of minimal with new and global audiences.

So far, the ever-growing collective has galvanised collaborative work between creatives from Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The UK, The USA & Ukraine.

The goal of the show is to promote the artists, labels and events driving the sub-genres of minimal; producing thematic showcases of these varying niches and tempo-ranges.

The founding residents will be joined by special guest-appearances – alongside label showcases and exclusive unreleased previews.

Stay tuned for more radio shows – and expect some music releases from the label soon!
Meet the Residents:
Andy Cue
Andy is the head-honcho at Intake Music, and has recently collaborated with Electric Island, CODA and Vertigo Toronto.
His amorphous approach to music spans elements of deep tech, minimal house and techno, further shaped by his formative upbringing as a DJ in North America.
Arturo Moncada Artro (Artro / Arturø) is a DJ and producer based in San José, Costa Rica – a country with no standing army and a constantly evolving electronic music scene. With almost twenty years in the business, Arturo is a versatile artist who injects as much of his energy into his DJ performances as his does his compositional endeavours.

Living in San José, he operates a studio named Trial und Error, and has been releasing music since 2011. Since his first EP (Obtalá), Arturo has released music on labels such as Half Seas Over (Costa Rica), dZb Records (Spain), Sound Academy (Turkey), Datenbits Recordings (Tbilisi), Dul Recordings (Argentina/El Salvador), Tracks For Dj (New York), Undertechnical Recordingsl (UK), Beatamin Recordings (USA, El Salvador) and more.

Since the age of 10 years old, Arturo has been infatuated with music. His musical upbringing was defined by his time playing in various bands. It was during this period that the Costa Rican artist refined his skills through experimenting with synthesisers, mixing consoles, drum sequencers, pedals and other musical equipment.

Arturo has been invited to play major events including Ocaso in Tamarindo. His music has taken him all around central America, and even as far as China and the USA.

He has been the curator at some of the most influential clubs and events across Costa Rica – such as 4to Aniversario La506, Club Vertigo, Retrovisor, Antik, Hoxton Pub to name a few. Arturo has also enjoyed several residencies in San José such as Minimalistica as Arturø and at the Upstairs Room and Fnoob Technoo Radio at The Hoxton Pub mansion under the moniker of Artro.
Florin is a DJ and producer based in the musical hub of Bucharest, Romania.

Born and raised in Galati, his musical journey began at an early age – playing in bands and later falling for electronic music.

His style was first influenced by his local scene, and this musical upbringing helped shape his uniquely dark and bass-heavy approach to production.

After moving to London, Dexu’ soon discovered UK Garage and electronic music production. As his love for minimal grew, this became his main focus as both a DJ and producer.

Dexu’ has performed at events across across Romania, and has featured on radio shows such as: Groove On Radio, Radio3 and Drums.ro.
As a DJ and producer – Jordee’s career has taken him around the world, and his musical endeavours have been enjoyed from his native Kiev to Shanghai.
Managing the radio show Never be Normal, Jordee is dedicated to taking listeners on journeys through the house galaxy.
Exploring minimal in its purest form, he has honed his style by infusing old-school classics with more contemporary productions.
Domenico began his musical career in his native Switzerland, playing across clubs such as Nordstern and becoming a resident of the open-air event – Medizin für die Seele – Openair
Mikhu has reconciled his formative years DJ-ing across the many sub-genres of house to forge his signature style. Infatuated with rhythm and groove, his productions weave bouncing bass-lines, intricate percussive sequences and dreamy vocal cuts.
As a producer he sets himself no limits, and his music depicts as much stylistic influence from funk and jazz as it does minimal house and techno.
His breakthrough track “Sorry” on Sanguina Records gained international attention, and was played at parties across the world.
His releases on labels including – Samani Music , Blind Vision Records, Vivus Records reflect his raw talent, experimental ethos and diligence as a producer.
Originally from the UK, Richard now lives in Roncesvalles Village, Toronto.

DJ-ing under the moniker of Meaney for about a decade, he mostly draws influence from the genres of breakbeats, deep-tech, micro-house, minimal and techno.

Richard’s protean style as a DJ and producer is reflected by his global perspective – with his music played across cities such as Berlin, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Alongside his fellow founding residents, he started the microminimal project with the overall goal of connecting the artists, labels and events propelling the sub-genres of minimal across the world.
Originally from NYC, Nico has been deeply committed to collecting and spinning records for the last 10 years. He has releases on the legendary Chicago label Fresca Recordings, and has performed across North America’s most prolific cities.
Nico has developed a highly refined and adventurous style – influenced by Romanian minimal, Chicago house, and Detroit techno – yet it transcends the definitions of these genres.
After being a main crew member in Boston, MA’s first minimal party – Community Links – Nico now throws Carouse: the sole minimal party currently in Durham, NC.
A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, parting is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, live act and producer.

Justin’s productions and live sets focus on reflecting forward-thinking sound design, advanced harmonic concepts with old school swing, lyricism and groove.

He is an active member of the Toronto scene, having recently played alongside SPFDJ & Francois X at Untitled in Toronto in August. He will support DJ Nobu & Drumcell at their next party.
Pressure Relief System.

Gianfranco and Timo are Amsterdam-based vinyl purists, always digging deep to perfect the mood conveyed by their selection.

Their style represents a vision of sustaining a consistent balance between aural tension and release. This balance is often found in the stripped back form of house and techno yet focused on warmth and drive.