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Tie Dye Skin by Julia Sokół

As part of our series showcasing new creative writing within DIY scenes, London-based Julia Sokół shares an excerpt of her Murakami-esque scifi/post-fanfiction with Threads—a heady and playful meditation on personal identity, clothing and makeup as tools for...

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Charlie Boy Manson (Loose Lips) sits down with Manchester-based experimental bass DJ GINA, founder of Lucid Juice, for her first online interview. by Charlie Boy Manson What was the first electronic music tune you heard and thought that’s a banger?  Back in my drum...

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REVIEW: Tzusan @ Club Makosa

Looking back to a cold Wednesday night in Dalston, the roads were busy with traffic wanting to be anywhere but there, cars speeding out the traps letting everyone know just that. The pavements seemed more relaxed than usual, enjoying some brief respite from the...

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Tzusan: 5 films that inspired the album

Following Tzusan’s recent WSPSNSYRP album release, a 14-track collection of snapshots, littered with features, skits, and hidden tracks salvaged from a series of lost summers - we invited the rapper to choose 5 films that inspired the multi-faceted project… Brazil...

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INTERVIEW: Conrad Pack

Earlier this year, Threads sat down at a cafe near SET Studios Woolwich with Conrad Pack, the producer and DJ behind SELN Recordings (previously SELCHP) alongside DJ Gonz, to chat about his collaborators and influences. You can hear his latest release Greatest Hits,...

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