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INTERVIEW: Phantom Limb

What was the motivation for starting Phantom Limb, how did it come about?  JV: The motivation, having worked in independent music for some years, was to fulfil a creative vision. I spent most of my 20’s working for bigger labels, coming to understand the mechanics of...

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The Doldrums by [placeholder]

Inspired by a piece of ambient acclaimed video game music, the fouth installment of our critical writing series is a thought-provokingly nostalgic reminiscence of childhood (and thus a refusal to forget) against the hurried time and fetishisation of productivity...

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Interview: Holly UN7TSEVEN

On Friday, we had the pleasure of collaborating with UN7TSEVEN, at their Blackhorse Lane unit, on a night of music and A/V installations. Thanks to all who came down and supported. Tonight, the full immersive installation, DIRE ATHANASIA, opens to the general public...

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Just Raise Your Volume 

Long time Threads resident Ammar Zafar delves into the depths of and origins of his progressive metal show. What’s in a name? Titles are restrictive. They are also terribly important. How else am I to know whether what I am about to click on is worth the two to five...

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Interview with Cristian Croce

We're buzzing to finally release this interview between correspondent Dominic Alston and Cristian Croce, host of the show "Don't Give a Monkeys" on Threads*Milano! - Alex Honey, Ed. Hi Cristian, please introduce the ethos of your show on Threads. Hello everyone, first...

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Celebrating Five Years of The Ditch w/ Adam Clarke

February marked the 5th anniversary of one of the stations longest running shows, The Ditch with Adam Clarke. We caught up with Adam who selected 5 tracks that embody the style and ethos of the show and hear about some of his memorable moments on air. Adam: I started...

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THREADS X Catalyst Berlin Takeover – April 2023 Edition

Tune in on Saturday April 1st 11-19 GMT / 12-20 CET for our collaborative takeover between THREADS, Berlin’s electronic music school Catalyst Music and its Etikett Radio, and two independent music collectives, Field Conspiracy and FOAD. As usual, we’ll be streaming...

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FEATURE: Futur.Shock (Interview with Karolina)

Threads are proud to present the following interview between Alec Jetha and Karolina Magnusson Murray, FOLD's Head of Art and founder of Futur.Shock—an event series quietly drawing a cult-like following in London for bringing cutting-edge contemporary art to the club,...

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INTERVIEW: otay:onii

Photo: Vas Born in Haining, China, otay:onii (Lane Shi) is a troubadour, performing musician, multidisciplinary installation artist, working sound designer and film composer who currently resides in New York. Electronic, ambient, sound collage or noise, otay:onii...

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