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REVIEW: Primavera Festival

Arcadia Molinas' review of Primavera festival delves into the experience of music as a spiritual journey, highlighting diverse acts that range from ethereal vocal performances to reggaeton. She paints a portrait of Primavera as a vibrant tapestry of music, culture,...

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leaf node releases debut EP “yurfllssi”

Harringay-based artist returns to production to explore personal themes through experimental and atmospheric soundscapes. leaf node, real name Lewis Lloyd, is a South London-born, Manor House-based producer and DJ known for his eclectic bass music with a wonky,...

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Primavera Sound (Threads Picks)

Spring has sprung and festival season is upon us. Threads is gearing up to descend on Barcelona’s Primavera Sound next week, so for anyone blinded by choice, here’s where we’ll be spending some of our time. Deftones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1npHeOskdQ Every...

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The innovative producer and audio engineer John Sellekaers has crafted a vast discography from the late '90s to the present, spanning numerous genres and pseudonyms. He is known for his unique approach to sampling and production, blending electronic music with...

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We caught up with Ed from DMX Krew to discuss his latest album "Unlikely Seeming", his creative process, love for vintage hardware, approach to collaboration, and more. Hi Ed, how are you doing? I’m alright thanks....

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Juke Your Body

‘Juke Your Body’ is a genre thinkpiece written by Threads co-founder Lee Kirk Fagan, originally appearing in issue 4 of Ribbed Magazine back in 2011. The article explores the rise in international popularity of Chicago’s Juke and Footwork scenes in the early 2010s. It...

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We get the lowdown from long standing Bristol based DJ, label boss and producer Thrilogy. No stranger to the world of dance music, he's been making waves in city, across the UK and beyond since arriving in the city as a student in the 1990s, and has been involved in...

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REVIEW: Come Bye Festival 2023

This feature is the fourth and final piece of our Grassroots is Greener series – which looked at the health and sustainability of the small, independent, dance music festival scene, and talks to the punters and organisers that make it possible. Photography: Amy Fearn...

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In this transcribed interview for his Threads show (My Way With the Guey*CDMX), Isaac Jones speaks with Lazy Eyes a.k.a. Lucy Leyte, a multi-disciplinary artist and DJ hailing from Mexico City. She discusses her musical influences and inspirations that have shaped her...

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