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There are some strange tales out there and they can often put a different spin on our historic perspective. These are the stories that Brain Rub are going to introduce you too. For example, we live in a world where terrorism is an all pervasive fear and it affects our public policy but the number of bombings carried out in the West are considerably fewer than in the 1970’s. Between 1969 and 1971 in the USA there were approximately 4,200 domestic bombings, thats about four a day, which makes our modern terrorist look like a Sunday five-a-side pub football team in comparison. There were groups in the UK who had similar ideas but in (typical British style) their efforts were pinched and underwhelming. They had one gun between them and the most damage they caused was through a complete disregard for personal hygiene. They were called ‘The Angry Brigade’…exactly. Imagine a collection of geography teachers who are a bit upset, shaking a copy of Marx’s ‘Capital’ and you have the picture. This is just an overview of what we hope to bring you with Brain Rub; A gay romp through our world as seen from the perspective of a un-reconstructed hippy (Neil Ottonaro) and a pound-shop, despotic mouthpiece (Me, Daniel John) seasoned with a healthy dash of good music.