Background – OBERKAMPF

Wednesday – 22:00-00:00 (GMT/CET) – Every 4 weeks


Bass music activist Background is a member of The Bass Society crew and the head of SeekSickSound, a French electronic music webzine that aims to provide a platform for emerging scenes and underground artists. He’s also a contributor at Loose Lips, and a member of Haxo, a noise/bass duo.


As a DJ, he works at the crossroads between different styles and trends of forward-thinking bass music, (re-)connecting scenes and hybrid sounds between grime, UK Garage, dubstep, breakbeat, techno or jungle, around a minimalistic, break-focused and syncopated sound ranging from 100 to 165BPM. His Threads show reflects this open sound: expect fresh hybrid bass music, as well as experimental tunes, ambient favourites and occasional nods to post-punk, noise, weird hip hop and more.