Lake Shore Dive w/ Haze Movement

Monday – 20:00-22:00 (BST) – Every 4 weeks


HAZE is a Brno (Czech Republic) based collective of DJs and promoters melting together elements of breaks, outsider house, techno, acid and post-club music. OldBoy, Hotdogg, and Nubian create a funny triptych where anything good is potentiated to the third. An unknown writer from the internetz has once written about himself: “Hotdogg in the first storm drop shining in the neons of a hot and forgotten alley of night Tokio, the ephemeral reminiscence of the summer you have never experienced, but you personally know it, or a Friday rave of teenagers in the garage of their parents.” A that is exactly HAZE.

https://hearthis.at/haze-movement/ https://www.facebook.com/Hazement https://www.instagram.com/haze_movement/