Night Stream

Saturday – 12:00-14:00 (GMT) – Every 8 weeks


From the unique underbelly of London’s grassroots community movements, Night Stream’s curators spend their time supporting, digging and working to bring light to new and diverse social causes. Their show brings a vibrant mix of DJing, fun and thought provoking interviews with musicians and entrepreneurs alike – all focusing on the end of anti austerity politics, and the support of social justice.


The year of 2018 saw a portfolio of exciting events, with guest’s such as Andrew Ashong and Ben Hauke making appearances, and events raising thousands of pounds for local London based causes. With the launch of the Night Stream Platform this year, the team are ecstatic about the opportunity to move into a new digital environment – again rocketing under resourced musicians and developing organisations into a new spotlight. 

Guests this year will include a whole mix of artists, and organisations ranging from cuttting edge techno to LGBTQ rights activtists. The Night Stream show, on the new Threads Radio, is one of the most diverse and exciting new radio shows on London Threads Radio, and is certainly one not to miss.