Thursday – 19:00-20:00 (CET) – Every 4 weeks


What was your favourite song when you were 16? Most likely, it was different to the melody that moved you most at 25. Our musical palette changes as we grow and develop, especially in accordance with age, emotions, experiences and even geographical location. And so Pathways is here to explore this phenomenon. Inspired by show host Withheld’s own journey from DJing at Drum & Bass parties in his teens to releasing house and techno tracks in his thirties, this show will meander down a different musical pathway every month. Withheld, a British DJ/producer based in Berlin, will be exploring both the esoteric and the ecstatic on this one hour show, as well as inviting friends and guests from near and far to discuss what music soundtracked key points of their lives. Expect everything from power ballads to city pop; halftime drum & bass to folk protest songs; prog rock to acid techno.