Sumerian Sunday – 22:00-00:00 (GMT) – Every 4 weeks
London-based Sumerian has crafted a unique voice over the last few years as a DJ with a vast range of tastes and a strong capacity for storytelling and curation. Coming up in the world of dance music in Brighton, UK, Sumerian spent a good couple of years playing records around the city, with a residency at the Patterns midweek disco party and as the host of the Éperon radio show on Trickstar Radio. The Brighton years have seen him featuring on line-ups with Avalon Emerson, Nathan Micay/Bwana, Faro, Footshooter, and curating a strong radio guest selection that has seen Pépe [Renascence/Deep Sea Frequency] and Tech Support [Astropical/Anti Skate] pass through the studio. Now London-based, he holds a residency at emerging community radio station 199radio, on a hand-picked roster of diverse voices and sounds, and with live appearances at Rye Wax and The Alibi. His evolving sound takes influence from house, disco, rave, techno, as well as various genres within West African and Middle Eastern music. Meanwhile, his artistic output is decisively linked to a recognition and constant tribute to dance music’s Black and LGBT roots, and a commitment to its capacity to provide a refuge and shelter for marginalised identities as an authentic, liberating, politically meaningful art form.