Harringay-based artist returns to production to explore personal themes through experimental and atmospheric soundscapes.

leaf node, real name Lewis Lloyd, is a South London-born, Manor House-based producer and DJ known for his eclectic bass music with a wonky, melodic twist. His productions span genres from the hardcore continuum, while his solo sets vary from bright and poppy to mellow and intense. He plays as one half of the DJ duo VL++ with Vas, exploring 150+ BPM sounds, and co-runs Kinesis, a queer-positive, high-energy, cross-genre party.

“yurfllssi” is Lewis’s debut release, featuring three tracks that blend DnB, dancehall, dubstep, and trap with classical and hyperpop influences. Drawing inspiration from Kuedo’s Severant and Rustie’s Glass Swords, with touches of Proc Fiskal, Iglooghost, and Jlin, each track starts with a ground bass theme that evolves through added and stripped-away layers.

Originally not a concept EP, Lewis now sees “yurfllssi” as three stages of a journey of a small sprite through unfamiliar environments, influenced by bass breezes and conversations between beings. Ella Yolande’s visuals capture this with an amoeba-like creature floating above a crystalline texture, surrounded by a protective ribbon.

Opening track “tenyur”, a work of break-y neo-folk IDM, feels the most like an adventure: a tour through ever-changing terrain, its long atmospheric builds punctuated by periods of frenetic inter-being debate. “frend fll”—a slow, chugging vaguely electro video game beat—also swings between two modes, its whining synth lines and slabs of gristly sub sliding into more danceable sections with scissoring hats but softer, conciliatory melodies. “obssi” is more traditional in its structure but destabilised by grime-infused drum programming which gives the impression of being on a rocking boat, the wind weaving oboe and string melodies through the sails above.

Years in the making, these tracks mark a return to music production for Lloyd. They feature personal elements like voice memos and field recordings from his teenage years and early twenties, including his sister’s voice and sounds from France and Japan. The tracks are deeply personal, “tenyur” being a record of breakup frustration and “frend fll” stemming from a fallout with a friend. Much of the production was completed during periods of long COVID, reflecting adaptation and acceptance.

This EP is unclassifiable and not intended for the dancefloor, but remains evocative and movement-inspiring. Its unique nature makes is what makes it stand out, offering an unconventional listening experience that invites movement in unusual ways. File next to M.E.S.H. and the aforementioned artists who are pushing the envelope of sound.

yurfllssi is now out on Bandcamp, listen below.

Highlight: frend fll